Student Wellbeing

At St Stephen’s Catholic Primary School we are committed to the ongoing wellbeing of all our students, parents and staff.

The goal of our Student Wellbeing program is to develop the social and emotional wellbeing of all students, and this goal is incorporated in all aspects of our school and curriculum. We believe that by maintaining the social and emotional wellbeing of all students and providing a safe and nurturing environment where the needs of all students are valued, we are creating a positive learning environment where meaningful learning can occur.

The wellbeing programs in place at St Stephen’s School include;

  • School Values. At St Stephen’s School, we live by our school Vision Statement and our Five School Values: Honesty, Co-operation, Respect, Do Your Best and Responsibility. Students and staff live these values, they are part of our school community and they we are regularly involved in activities which promote them.
  • Bounce Back Resiliency Program. The Bounce Back Resiliency program is a school-based curriculum program designed to teach students how to become more resilient and to establish processes that are protective. It is integrated with our current curriculum, across all learning areas.
  • Recognising and Rewarding Positive Behaviour. Making positive choices and encouraging others to do so is at the heart of our Student Wellbeing Plan. We recognize this type of behaviour with class and yard awards as well as School awards such as, “Aussie of the Month.”
  • Positive Self Management Plan ProcedureAt St Stephen’s School, we have in place, a very clear Self Management Plan which is known by students, staff and parents.  We are able to manage serious and minor behaviour issues, and help a student review a situation and make more positive choices. The students are aware of all the steps and consequences in the plan. Parents and guardians are kept closely informed during the whole process.

Our Student Wellbeing Program also offers the following initiatives:

  • A Chaplain for individual students and families who require this service
  • The introduction of specific programs within the classroom on a regular basis, e.g. Bounce Back, Circle Time
  • Whole school initiatives, e.g. Cross-age buddy activities, SRC, Christian Meditation
  • Class assemblies run by students
  • Whole school SRC assemblies run by students
  • Weekly newsletter articles, providing parents with information on all aspects of parenting