Family Engagement

At St Stephen’s we believe that learning happens all around us, all the time, and parents are the primary educators of their children. When this is realised, and as families recognise the ways that they contribute to their children’s learning, we call this Family Engagement in Learning.

Together, families and schools can work in partnership within communities for the benefit of all children. When Family Engagement in Learning happens the following can be seen:

  • It is acknowledged that learning crosses all aspects of life, happens everywhere and by everyone
  • Parents, teachers and children readily see the learning opportunities in all that they do
  • Relationships between and within families, schools and the community are strengthened
  • Connections between school and home-life are made
  • Parents, teachers and children become more empowered as educators and learners

Because we believe this at St Stephen’s, we are committed to the following:

  • Ensuring that everyone has a shared understanding of Family Engagement in Learning (parents, teachers and children)
  • Making connections and building learning relationships with every family through different methods of communication
  • Embedding, sharing and planning for Family Engagement in Learning, in partnership with families