Enrolling at St Stephen’s

Enrolment Form Fee structure

Parents are the first educators of their children and have the right and obligation to ensure an adequate education for their children consistent with their beliefs and values. As Catholic parents one of these obligations is to give the child the opportunity to be educated as a Catholic.

“Catholic education is based on an educational philosophy in which faith, culture and life are  brought into harmony. …Of its nature, the Catholic school guides men and women to achieve human and Christian perfection and helps them to become mature in their faith.”

“Achieving the educational aims of the school should be an equal priority for teachers, students and families alike, each according to his/her role, always in the spirit of freedom and love.”

“We offer an inclusive and relevant curriculum to facilitate the growth of each individual, so that they may learn the skills of co-operation, negotiation, resourcefulness and independent thinking.”

Uniform Shop

  • Uniform may be purchased through our school’s Uniform Shop.
  • Some second hand uniforms are also available for purchase.
Uniform prices

Integration and Special Needs

We welcome those students with special needs and disabilities into the school community and do our best to provide appropriate personnel and resources to help these children reach their full potential. Meetings will be arranged to determine the needs of the child and whether the school can adequately meet these needs. We strongly believe that the integration of these children benefit not only the integrated child but also the school community as a whole. We believe that no student should be denied enrolment on the basis of an existing disability unless the school cannot provide the services or facilities required. When considering the enrolment we must consider the whole school community. An Integration Support Group (I.S.G.) will be formed comprising Principal, Class Teacher, Integration Aide and Parent and will meet regularly to discuss the student’s progress and needs.

Procedures For Enrolment

  • Enrolment Forms must be completed and returned with a $50 deposit.
  • Birth, Baptism (if applicable) and Immunization Certificates are to be presented with the Enrolment Form.
  • Parents will be contacted for an interview with the school Principal.
  • A letter of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent.
  • An Information Evening is held in early November.
  • Three Orientation Sessions are held in late November and early December.

For enquiries for enrolment, please contact the school on 9460-3566 to arrange an appointment and indicate if you would like to view the school.

NB: there is an agreement in place between the local Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools (MACS), in the North Central zone, regarding enrolments outside of the Parish. As a matter of courtesy, families are required to attend a tour of their Parish school, prior to signing release forms in order to enrol outside of the Parish.